Friday, February 1, 2013

What Is Whole Grain Happiness?

It's a cold, slippery, snowy February day, yet a little while ago I had a whirlwind of grandchildren whoosh through the house. They were here to pick up bread with their dad, but it was lunchtime and they were hungry.

Seeing the freshly-baked rolls cooling on the table, they each asked if they could have one ("with butter!"). They didn't ask any questions about the rolls. Whether the rolls were whole-grain or not, freshly-baked or not, weren't considerations for them. They took for granted that the rolls would taste good. Grandma baked them? Yeah, they would be good!

Yes, the rolls were freshly-baked. Yes, they were whole-grain, made with freshly-ground wheat. And yes, the kids ate them with pleasure.

That's whole grain happiness!

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