Saturday, February 2, 2013

Flansburghs Favor Whole-Wheat Flavor!

Libby: "Grandma, may I have some bread?"
Me: "Sure!" I showed her the three kinds, left over from yesterday's baking.
Me: "Would you like maple oatmeal?"
Libby: "No, thanks."
Me: "Would you like white whole-wheat?"
Libby: "No, thanks."
Me: "Would you like regular whole-wheat?"
Libby: "Yes! That one! May I have two pieces? With butter?"

Me to Zack: "Do you want some bread, too?"
Zack: "Yes!"
Me: "Do you want butter?"
Zack pointed to the butter and nodded.

P.S.--Ty was too concerned about waiting for his friend's arrival to eat!

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